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Bullion &Diamond Co, LLC is a certified diamond and fine jewelry retailer and Jewelry repair specializing in diamond wholesale. Bullion & Diamond Co., LLC manufactures and imports diamond jewelry, and custom designs platinum, silver and gold jewelry. We view ourselves as the expert partner in all aspects of gold and silver investment needs. We help define a precious metals strategy for our clientele’s financial goals. We also purchase and refine all forms of scrap gold, silver and platinum.

As a direct importer and dealer, we have a limitless inventory of gold, silver, and diamonds in any shape, size, color, or quality. Bullion and Diamond Co., LLC is a family-owned business that was founded on transparency, honesty, and trust. We take pride in delivering an exceptional experience and being part of memorable moments for our clientele. Due to our strong background in wholesale, being a member of the International Diamond Exchange, and being able to work directly with manufactures and end designers, Bullion and Diamonds Co., LLC can provide the most competitive rates and gives each of our clients more value for their investment.


We are your one-stop shop with end-to-end service. Diamonds are forever but so are memories! We make every life moment the most memorable with our unique designs and exceptional customer service. Our knowledgeable consultants and experienced design team helps our clientele through the process to ensure we deliver solutions that meet their vision and needs. We are passionate, perfectionists, trendsetters, and industry shot- callers. Basically, you will love us!



• Engagement Rings
• Wedding Rings
• Jewelry Repair
• Bridesmaids Gifts
• Anniversary Gifts
• Birthday Gifts
• Jewelry (necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, watches)
• Custom Designs
• Bullion/Coins/Collectables
• Diamonds
• Diamond Studs
• Appraisals


Certified diamond and jewelry dealership

When you are in the market for a great personal gift for a close friend or family or need something to brighten your day, Bullion and Diamond Co. is a certified diamond and jewelry dealership located in Chantilly, Virginia. Giving the gift of jewelry says that you care and took the time to find a perfect fit. Jewelry can make a very personal statement for the giver and the receiver. Make sure your purchase says the right things. When shopping for diamonds for an engagement or wedding ring, we want you to understand the uncompromising level of quality that you will receive. Diamond quality is determined by the 4 c’s; color, carat, clarity, and cut. Color refers to a diamonds apparent lack of color. A diamond with little or no color received a higher grade. Carat is the most well-known diamond trait, and it refers to the weight of the diamond. Clarity is measure of the imperfections (often referred to as “inclusions”) the diamond has. Cut is what makes the diamond sparkle. The better the cut, the more the stone with sparkle.

We are also in the diamond buying business, if you are looking to upgrade to a different size or carat or if your set and stone no holds its personal value. We understand that life changes and we will give you a fair price for your stone. Besides engagement and wedding rings, your Chantilly Diamond and Bullion Dealer offer several different types and collections. On our website, you can see all of the items that we have for sale, including specifications of each piece so you understand the quality we carry. We also carry diamond studs, and hoop earrings, necklaces and a diamond pendants. Our bracelets are 14k yellow gold or white gold with diamond inlay.

CHantilly Diamond and Bullion Dealer

Follow our Facebook page to find specials on our current collection, including vintage and UNOde50. Our UNOde50 carries something for everyone that wants that piece that makes a statement. This includes men’s bracelet made in Spain with braided leather and silver-plated clasps. We have vintage jewelry that includes pieces from Tiffany & Co that will make that special someone feel on top of the world. Give a sterling silver bead chain necklace with a heart pendant, or a sterling silver mesh ring. Our complete collection is unlike anything you will ever find and our pieces are top quality.

This Chantilly Diamond and Bullion Dealer also serves the areas of Restons, Centreville and Fairfax. Come into our store and see what our selection has for you and your loved ones. Your gift will be that one that keeps giving year after year when all the other attempts fail because yours will be the one that lasts.